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Our “Aesthetics Shred” is about achieving extreme physical excellence in aesthetics, strength and fitness. When I say “aesthetics”, I’m not referring to the puffy, round and curvy physique of bodybuilders. Rather, I’m talking about a hard, dense and angular physique with broad, thick shoulders and upper back muscles, masculine square chest, rock hard arms, 6 pack abs and athletic legs. Most muscle-building programs are not comprehensive enough. You want to get those rock-solid muscles and chiseled “Greek Statue-Like” Physique, but on OTHER programs: Your face becomes round – even chubby-looking – instead of having the sharp, angular jaw line. Your chest isn’t forming into the square, masculine pecs you wanted. Your arms aren’t getting ripped and vascular. Your stomach looks bloated, instead of downright chiseled. Your thighs are starting to chafe from bulky leg muscles that resemble the “feminine sweep”. You lose the coveted “V-shape” as your waist becomes thicker. Your jeans fit a little tighter in the thigh and butt

And then it hits you…

You actually look WORSE than before you started. The Aesthetics Shred Program changes all of that. You’ll live a life outside of the gym. You’ll be able to enjoy the foods you love without gaining too much body fat. You’ll see predictable muscle gains each week. The Aesthetics Shred Program is designed to simultaneously increase strength, muscle mass, proportion, definition and sex appeal.

By utilizing a sophisticated approach

We have seen every client on this program have their results exceed their expectations.

  • Mechanical tension, metabolic stress, muscle damage – we engage all three forms of aesthetic building
  • progressive overload
  • manipulation of acute variables
  • meticulously selected exercises
  • super sets, drop sets, TUT training, other advanced training
  • ability to track and make on the go adjustments to keep growth at maximum

What you will receive

  • 8 Week Aesthetics Shred program that has been proven to provide INCREDIBLE results in aesthetic body composition
  • Direct access to the CPB app
  • 20 different workouts (40 total) focusing on every pillar of Aesthetics
  • 4 different HIIT workouts (8 total) to eliminate belly fat, build strength, improve endurance
  • 24/7 DIRECT support, accountability, motivation
  • Individualized adjustments
  • Full instructional videos and text via the official CPB app
    and much more!
How it works

1) Questionnaire

After payment is sent and received you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire. This will allow me to make the initial adjustments if needed

2) Create a Profile

Once you have created your profile, your 8 week 3D booty program will be uploaded to the app

3) Expect Results

Based on our schedule you will find the next 8 weeks fully planned out for you take it day by day and on the 8th week expect serious results

Why Customers Love Us?

24/7 support, any questions, comments, or adjustments are available 24/7 as well as accountability, motivation, and support.

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5 days a week, 8 week – comprehensive, efficient, individualized routine.