About CPB

Why was CPB created?

After creating massive impacts in the lives of many in-person clients, common problems are exposed in the personal training/fitness industry. We aim to solve these problems with sophisticated solutions by offering a higher level of value. Utilizing technology (CPB App) and the ability to directly connect with clients 24/7, we create the proper client/trainer bond. Guaranteeing the desired outcomes of clients in the most time efficient and meticulously individualized process.


    client time restraints

The first hurdle is arranging a date and time to suit both parties. A good PT will have limited availability and may not be able to cater to the client’s ideal preference. However, with CPB your personal trainer is available at your fingertips at YOUR CONVENIENCE! Detailed videos, and descriptions ensure proper execution of movements and encouragement at your time.


    having to train at specific gyms with qualified trainers

I’ve had clients ensure their membership at a gym they dislike purely out of loyalty to me. I’ve also had clients unwillingly leave because of life commitments and have to start at a new gym, only to find that they didn’t find the same quality trainers. Certain gyms do not develop their trainers and unfortunately, many trainers are not passionate, or educated efficiently, even if they possess a certification. Training and being mentored at the highest caliber gym in Houston Texas, in addition to my personal mentors and experience, the value I offer comes from passion and the highest level of education. With CPB that level of world-class training is able to be taken to ANY gym.


     limited time limited value

It’s not unusual to see a personal trainer for only one session a week. The reason? Because it can not only be costly to exceed this, but schedule conflicts, commitment from trainer, inconsistent value, and other factors. Now with that one session (or two, for argument’s sake), what do you really get? Is one or two days out of seven enough to give you what you deserve? It’s a fact that only when training and diet are in sync will results follow. Despite this, not all personal trainers will devise you a fully comprehensive program to keep you on track outside of their session, let alone a nutritional guide. With CPB, the 1-hour session becomes a 24/7 session with accountability, motivation, and access to questions and concerns, directly connect with your personal trainer!. The ability to have a genuine personal trainer on your FULL journey, and not just for when you are “clocked in” for the session.


     hidden agenda up selling

Working at a gym we are always even as personal trainers looked at as sales first. Most of us become personal trainers to help people the same way that we had helped ourselves. I was not prepared for the world of sales. However, I adapted but I always had a hard time being unauthentic to my clients and unfortunately that’s what happens when you are forced to sell the sponsored supplements/products of the corporate gym. With CPB – I do not sell or recommend anything that I personally have not researched, tested and can fully back up. Any recommendations are completely individualized to the client and what would benefit them personally.


    lack of tracking, and progressing

Live personal training, unfortunately, doesn’t cater to the proper progression, regression, and individualization that it should. Many daily workouts are completely random and give the client a sweat, a burn, and the illusion that they are getting closer to their goals. TO SEE EACH CLIENT AS ONE OF A KIND it is not profitable for the corporate gyms to have their trainers invest so much time and effort. This is where I understand that online personal training is going to drastically overtake live personal training in the next few years.

With the CPB app, we can record weight, fat loss progression, acute variables, body composition, alternate exercise selection, everything possibly needed to efficiently reach desired outcomes. We take a sophisticated approach to maximizing the TIME and MONEY spent to achieving the body the client demands.

The Foundation


The core is the center of your body, it is where all power and movement is generated. Having a stable core the benefits are tremendous. Not only is the core what protects your lower back from pain it is also the belt that protects your most vital organs. Stabilizing your core through proper training will eliminate back pain, improve posture, and create efficiency in any movement. Playing with kids, walking, picking up groceries, driving, literally anything that you do will be more stable, the “feeling” of having your core protected is incredible.


Office work, cell phones, hunched over society has created a negative impact on our posture. When our posture is off and our bodies alignment isn’t optimal not only are our movement patterns compromised but most of all we are not the strongest versions of ourselves. The way we carry our body is a direct reflection of how we think and how we will feel.

For example – if you are hunched over, shoulders rotated, head down, slouching how do you feel? Do you feel powerful and confident? How would you react if your body is in that position compared if you have your chest up, chin tucked, core tight, shoulders retracted, you stand tall and proud?

Would you feel and respond differently? Would you be viewed as more confident? More capable? More respected?

Not only does our posture affect our mental state, having improper posture can create muscle imbalances and pain which also lower mental and emotional states, and lower our ability to lose fat and gain muscle. Posture and alignment are extremely crucial to the success of any fitness goal.


Breath is crucial and essential to life, it is the most important process of providing the most important necessity for human life, oxygen.

The ability to consciously breathe deeply and be present has a drastic effect on the quality of life. Controlled breathing, been shown to reduce stress, increase alertness and boost your immune system. 

 CPB utilizes the need for core, to provide stability and protection, posture to provide confidence and courage, and breath to complete everything into a calm, present, and optimally efficient state at ALL TIMES.


Bless up. Jay West

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