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Get a 3D Booty in 8 Weeks

Many of the female clients that I have trained have almost all had the same goal. “I want a bigger booty that pops out, smaller waist, toned legs, I don’t want to get bulky, I don’t want fat thighs, and I also want to get rid of my stomach fat!” Sound similar to your goals? Many of these past clients had tried different programs, followed Instagram models, and tried a variety of approaches to achieve their goal, but they were never happy. The reason is that the booty is a complex muscle and in order for it to have a gorgeous sexy shape, it must be trained with comprehensive components to give it that FULL 3D PLUMP look. This is the program that I have used with many of my female clients who wanted the quickest and most efficient routine to achieve that goal. I 100% guarantee that any woman at any fitness level will absolutely be blown away at the shape, size, and feel of their booty by the end of the 8 weeks.

By utilizing a sophisticated approach

We have seen every client on this program have their results exceed their expectations.

  • Mechanical tension, metabolic stress, muscle damage – we engage all three forms of glute building
  • progressive overload
  • manipulation of acute variables
  • meticulously selected exercises
  • super sets, drop sets, TUT training, advanced training
  • ability to track and make on the go adjustments to keep growth at maximum

What you will receive

  • 8 Week glute program that has been proven to provide INCREDIBLE results in the size, and SHAPE of the glutes
  • Direct access to the CPB app
  • 12 different workouts (24 total) focusing on every pillar of glute development
  • 4 different HIIT workouts (8 total) to eliminate belly fat, shrink the waist, improve health
  • 24/7 DIRECT support, accountability, motivation
  • Individualized adjustments
  • Full instructional videos and text via the official CPB app
  • A plump 3D pop out booty!
    and much more!
How it works

1) Questionnaire

After payment is sent and received you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire. This will allow me to make the initial adjustments if needed

2) Create a Profile

Once you have created your profile, your 8 week 3D booty program will be uploaded to the app

3) Expect Results

Based on our schedule you will find the next 8 weeks fully planned out for you take it day by day and on the 8th week expect serious results

Why Customers Love Us?

24/7 support, any questions, comments, or adjustments are available 24/7 as well as accountability, motivation, and support.

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3 Days a week, 8 week – comprehensive, efficient, individualized routine.

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